The Glevum Probus Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote frienship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.





The Glevum Probus Club  is a non-political, non-sectarian  social organisation meeting twice a month to promote friendship via talks and other activities. The club is open to all retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.


Potential members can attend for up to three meetings as a guest before deciding if they would like to join the club.


The Officers of the Club consist of: Chairman,Vice-Chairman,immediate past Chairman,Secretary,Treasurer, Speakers’ Secretary, and any other club member  who may be co-opted by the Committee.

The officers of the club are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and may remain in office for a period of two years.A committee member to be elected needs to  be proposed and seconded by club members.

Committee members may put themselves forward for re-election, but need to be proposed and seconded in the normal way.

A Quorum of the Committee is constituted when at least three members are present.


Meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday of each month except in December when only one meeting is held on the second Wednesday.


Ladies Days, when wives/partners of Glevum Probus and members of Gloucester Ladies Probus are invited, take place quarterly.


The AGM takes place on the second Wednesday in February.

A quorum for the AGM needs to be a minimum of a third of the club membership.


Accounts  should be presented at the AGM by the Treasurer having been audited by the Auditor, who is a member of the club. The Auditor is not a member of the Committee (but may be requested to become).


Subscriptions should be paid by the end of March following an AGM in February.


The  Club Webmaster is  not a member of the Committee unless he holds another role within the club.


The Constitution may be altered at any time following proposals from the Committee and ratified at an AGM or Special General Meeting. The Constitution will be published on the club website .