The Gloucester Glevum Probus  Social Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote friendship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.

....but see Virtual Probus Club meetings below
Where?: St Lawrence Parish Centre, Church Lane, Barnwood GL4 3JB c.10.00: Meet for  tea/coffee/biscuits  & a chat with other members
When?:   The Second and Fourth Wednesday of each Month  10.30: A few minutes of club business- no formal minutes-
                (except December - AGM only)             followed by a talk generally lasting up to an hour.
Costs?:    The first three meetings are FREE.             The talks-on a wide range of subjects- are given by club members
               Annual subscription £40             or external speakers: details below of next meetings.
              (The most cost effective Probus Club in Gloucester ! )
 Interested in joining the club? :please feel free to contact Terry Cruttenden on 01452  612432  or    
 Interested in talking to the club? : Please contact Mike Aggleton at
Virtual Probus Club Meetings
This Club is open to all from Male/Female/Mixed Probus Clubs
More information from Mike:
The Weekly Zoom talks from May 2020 to April 2021 are listed under
5 May 2021
Iberian Idyll- Nigel Thompson (Longdon Probus)
12 May
Duets we have loved- Pam Street (Gloucester Ladies)
19 May
Al Bowlly: Britain's first Pop Star?- Mike Bottomley (Glevum Probus)
26 May
Comic Verse : Epigrams and Clerihews- Mike Aggleton
2 June
My love affair with Italian Cuisine-Pamela Holland
9 June
Gloucestershire's Energy from waste- Diane Green (Urbaser who run the facility off M5)
16 June
A Stepping Stone to Fame- Tom Constant (Bourton Probus)
23 June
Chasing Orchids- Ken Brennan (Charlton Kings Probus)
30 June
Scraps: My Paper Memories -Jim Boyd (Glenrothes Probus (Scotland))
7 July
Having a lovely time,wish you were here- Ken Atherton
 Based on Blackpool postcards
14 July
"My Life"- writing your memoirs- Charlotte Goodwood
How to go about writing and publishing your own life story
21 July
'Elf and Safety- Roy Ackrill
Myth or Fact
28 July
Fraud and Financial Exploitation- Ashley Jones  (Avon & Somerset Police)
Safety for all
04 August
How to get the best out of Village Records- Rose Hewlett
Interested in family history etc?
11 August
Bridgwater Carnival: a History- Mike Aggleton
Not been? put on your Bucket list!
18 August
Gardens of France- Duncan Coombs
Bagatelle and Giverny
25  August
Eleanor of Acquitaine- Howard Robinson
The most powerful woman in the Middle Ages
01 September
Conservation and Zoos- Dr Brian Bertram
Return visit from Brian!
08  September
Motzart's Women- Pam Street
Music around the Ladies!
15  September
Orkney-ology- Bob Rodgers
History of Orkneys
22  September
Tales of a travel Rep- Pamela Holland
nowt as queer as folk especially in the Travel Industry
29  September
Japanese expansionism and their participation in WWII- Nigel Thompson
focusing particularly on Hedeki Tojo, Isuruku Yamamoto and Emperor Hirohito
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