The Glevum Probus Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote frienship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.

Minutes of  Committee Meeting Wednesday 23rd March 2022


 Confirmed as  £20 payable by end of April 2022  Pay by BACS / cheques/cash. Ken to email members


 Amended to allow officers to stay longer than 2 yrs                                  

Draft constitution to be published  on the club website .

EGM to be ratify on  27 April when Ken is giving his talk;


 Ken to contact David and to indicate that he must relinquish all aspects of the Treasurer’s job and pass to Fred.This has been actioned and David will contact Fred.

Fred to be responsible for maintaining spreadsheets of attendance.


Mike has agreed to carry out the role of secretary in respect of taking & publishing minutes but no other function.Secretary needs to be appointed  at EGM.


To be the responsibility of the “proposer” but if not possible the role is to be passed to the Committee


 Mike to target to keep speaker costs at an average of £40. Mike indicated that with the number of reciprocal talks in hand this would be feasible for the rest of the year. Speakers to be paid by BACS or cash (cheque is last resort)


All to inform Fred by email  if not recorded in attendance book       


Agreed to  encourage members to visit on a regular basis. (minimise paper).

  In future any communication eg Newsletters is to be via the website.

However we will need A.N.Other to be 2 I/C to Mike in case of problems both for website and Speakers secretary role (Discuss at EGM on 27April).

Historical Records

 Propose only hold for 2 years, keep them on the website with Chairman responsible for master copy.


Mike has a new one which he is prepared for Glevum  to use , and will charge   £10 per use (up to max of £100) for the purchase of new bulb when necessary. Ken also has access to a projector and same arrangement will apply.


Graham will look after the running of it but will require help and with washing up and clearing away. 50p donation will still apply.

Meet and Greet

Names to be used from the old list & the individual to be asked at the meeting prior  to his role.


Mike to set up “teach-in”

Members Talks 

 My first car’  to be given by Stuart Mitchell, Nigel Sargeant & Ted Wilson

 Hopefully a further meeting of this type to be arranged for later in the year (Discuss at EGM)