The Glevum Probus Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote frienship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.
AGM Minutes
The AGM minutes retate to the relevant year only.

Minutes of Glevum Probus AGM 9TH February 2022


The Meeting was held at St Lawrence Church Centre Barnwood, and was opened at 10.30 by the Chairman Ken Guest who welcomed all present.

Apologies were received from John Dale, Allen Bartlett, David Springham, Derek Richardson and Graham Limbrick.                                                                                                                                                   

 A note of regret was that Bill Mc Coppin has ceased to be a member for health reasons.


The minutes of the 2019 AGM were circulated to members, and as there were no objections were  duly approved.


Secretary’s Report -Terry Cruttenden gave a short report on his final day as secretary. He thanked Ken and Mike for what they had done to keep to club alive during Covid. The use of Zoom had been much appreciated by those members who used it. The subjects covered were varied and it was good to see members every week . Now things appear to be getting back to normal he hoped the club could prosper and attract new members.


Treasurer’s Report - David Springham was unable to be at the AGM but was able to report on our finances. He said we had nearly £2000 in the bank so he didn’t think we would need to pay £40 for a further years membership. Subs were discussed at some length and the membership decided we should pay £20 for this coming year. A date will be advised as to when payment should be made. This was proposed by Stuart Mitchell and seconded by Bill Wells.


Speaker Secretary’s Report - Mike Aggleton said that he was very happy with how the Zoom meetings had been received by all who took part. However things were likely to change this year. He had called in favours so as to keep the cost of  our Zoom meetings as low as possible. Talks were now going up in price and the speakers list was shrinking so he was looking for members to give short say 10 minute talks and once a quarter a member to give full talk.   


Chairman’s Report - Ken Guest was very pleased with how the club and the ladies club had stayed together throughout the Covid crisis with the use of Zoom, and this was entirely due to Mike and the excellent job he had done with the use of Zoom. Mike was also able to make considerable savings on Speaker fees by doing reciprocal talks with various other clubs, meaning that a member from each of those clubs could return the favour. Ken also thanked Mike for the enormous help he had given him over the past two years and looked forward to working with him in the future.

He thanked Terry Cruttenden and David Springham for their help in looking after the club’s affairs and last but not least Stuart Mitchell for his help and guidance through some of the difficult times   regarding when it might be safe to return to ‘live’ meetings once more.


Election of Officers.

Chairman Ken Guest – willing to stay on for one more year

Vice Chairman Stuart Mitchell – willing to stay on one more year

Treasurer David Springham  - was willing to remain, but wished to off-load some of his responsibilities. Fred Parker volunteered to assist David, with a view to taking over as Treasurer as and when David was ready to handover.

Speaker Secretary Mike Aggleton – willing to stay on for one more year

Secretary to be elected in due course – hopefully in the not too distant future.*

Committee members Brian Street and Graham Limbrick

Election of Officers unanimously agreed.

* Thought was given to arranging trips out as a regular feature, on a self-financing basis ie. Not money from the Treasurer. It was considered that arranging these outings could be absorbed in with the duties of the Secretary.

The foregoing was unanimously agreed by members.


As the date of the AGM was delayed by two months, it was agreed that February should now become the revised date for future AGMs. (thus, avoiding two AGMs in 2022).

The Chairman’s term of Office was also discussed with a view to extending it – when necessary, beyond the current two years.                                                                                                                      

 Both these propositions were agreed with a caveat that the Constitution be amended.


Meeters and Greeters

At present the Club doesn’t have a set way of welcoming a Speaker. This was discussed with a view to having a Meeter & Greeter, the role of which would be on a rotational basis. The idea being that the M & G would be on hand to meet the guest speaker, to arrange refreshments, and to assist set up his/her equipment. At the end of the presentation the M & G would give a vote of thanks.         

 Bill Wells agreed to be the first M & G



A discussion centred around Talks was led by Mike regarding

a)  having a Zoom meeting with a speaker from another part of the country giving us a talk remotely. The idea was agreed by all.

b)  It was also agreed that the club should purchase a projector, since sufficient funds were available.  

c)  With regard to ‘how to present a slide show in Power Point’, whilst it would be difficult to demonstrate on-line, Mike would be willing to take those interested through the process after one of our Wednesday meeting.

d) Currently there are a lot of historic Club records on hand which are rarely if ever referred to. A proposal to dispose of those that have no historical value to the Club was made. A decision will be made at the next Committee Meeting.                                                                                                                                     


After the Meeting Mike discussed with the Chairman the idea of a Sound System which would take the form of a Throat microphone and Speaker(s), this may be of help to those who are hard of hearing. Mike will source these and report back for consideration before taking this idea forward.


The next AGM will be February 2023


The meeting finished at 11.20 AM.