The Glevum Probus Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote frienship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.
11th January 2023
An aerial tour of Gloucestershire & beyond-Kate Peake (F)
Take a flight by drone to view some beautiful scenery of the County (film)
25 January
Cheltenham Trams & Riots-Stephen Gutteridge (R)
Slogan of the rioters- Hills can never be Dales!
08th February 
AGM and "Citizen Questionnaire!" (I)
22nd  February 
The "Lerner and Lowe" Story-Malc Lewis (F)
(wi-fi not good enough for Zoom talk. Mike's  talk not ready!)
8th March
The History of Pressed Glass- Pam Baldry (F)
22nd March
Salt- Ted Wilson (I)
The original talk was:The Top of the World-David Thorp is unable to travel
12th April
The History of Bridgwater Carnival- Mike Aggleton (I)
(Patrick Furley's talk moved to 24th May)
26th April
19th Century Magic Lantern- David Bayley (F)
10th May
Cider making in Gloucestershire-Andrew Meller (F)
17th May
Gloucester Ladies  Probus have invited Glevum members to hear:
"Female convicts to Australia"-David Clark
24th May
History of Films- Patrick Furley (F)
(moved from 12th April)
(Original internal talk by 3 speakers postponed)
14th June
British Dance Bands- Pam Street (R)
21st June
Gloucester Ladies  Probus have invited Glevum members to hear:
The Severn Bridge Disaster- Paul Barnett
28th June
Weekend Away- review of best NT properties-Vanessa Morgan (F)
12th July
The Industrial Revolution (part 1)- Nigel Thompson (R)
26th July
Whiter than White- Roy Thomas (R)
9th August
The Lighter Side of Local Government-David Withey (F)
23rd August
Great Britain's greatest Nautical Disaster-Richard Wright (R)
13th September
The Barnstaple to Lynton Railway (Film)- Ken Guest
27th September
Don't Poke the Bear-Russian invasion of Georgia-Clive Trott (D)
11th October
25th October
The Death of a King-Peter Petrie (D)
replacing- Fraud Awareness & Protection-Danielle Sharples (Police Presentation)- possibly at a later date.
8th November
The Fairey Swordfish at War : 836 squadron & MAC Ships (Part3)- Mike Aggleton (I)
15th November
"Elvis" down our "Street"- Ian Street
Glevum invited to join Gloucester Ladies for their meeting
22th November
Weaning ourselves off Fossil Fuels-Geoff King (F)
 replacing Discovering a Family Tree- Dennis Halliday -ill
13th December
A Tudor Christmas- Kirstie Bingham (John Moore Museum Tewkesbury) (F)
10th January 2024
BAC Lightning (Part 1)- Leslie Hatcher (R)
24th January
Circumnavigating the World- Sue Baldwin (F)