The Glevum Probus Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote frienship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.
14 February 2018 Ladies day
Ken Ingamells: National Parks of S.W.USA
An excellent presentation by Ken with his first class photographs of rock formations in the mainly desert national parks.
28 February 2018
Dennis Harvey: What's in a Name-Development of British Surnames
A very enjoyable presentation covering surnames from Egyptian times to the modern day including a number of club members' surnames
14 March 2018
Tom Kolb: Changing Faces
Literally "Changing Faces" & its' effect on the human face.
28 March 2018
Ken Guest: Slide Presentation- various forms of transport
Club member Ken gave an excellent presentation of some of his 3000 photographs of various forms of transport including unique shots taken during his time in the RAF
11 April 2018
James Showers: Celebration of Life. The Changing face of the Dismal Trade
Well received. Lively Q&A session. Dismally Topical?!
25 April 2018
Mike Aggleton (club member): The Fairey Swordfish at War (Part 2)
9 May 2018
John Handby- Future Shock-Where Artificial Intelligence is taking us
An interesting introduction to the effect that AI can have on daily lives
23 May 2018
Nigel Warwick- Severn Wheelers
Well received lucid talk
13 June 2018 
Mike Stratford: Britain's Best Kept secret 
27 June 2018
Paul Barnett:  Titanic Effort
11 July 2018
Tom Constant: the Lower Furness Peninsular
An excellent presentation covering an area of the country we tend to know little about
25 July 2018
Bill Irving: Four Stories Plus...
8 August 2018
Mike Aggleton (standing in for Ted Wilson who was ill): Radio and TV Hoaxes
22 August 2018
Stuart Mitchell: Infectious Deseases
A intreguing talk by a club member about the mechanisms of common deseases
12 September
Don Young: Mario and More
An interesting talk by a club member about operatic tenors- Mario Lanza et al.
26 September
Peter Covey-Crump: A Naval Officer's Diary- China Station
10 October
Club Annual Lunch (members & partners)
24 October
Mike Warburton: Scandal and Skulduggery in High Places
An excellent talk by a "professional" speaker dealing with the MPs expenses scandal
14 November- Ladies Day
Pam Street: The last Australian Explorer
28 November
Mike Bottomley: The Life and Works of Rudyard Kipling
The talk covered aspects of Rudyard Kipling that most people would not be aware of & included audience participation
12 December
Annual General Meeting
9 January 2019
Richard Dickinson: The Blue Lamp-My time in the Met
 23 January 2019
Ted Wilson: Crossing the River
A talk by a club member discussing the crossings of the river Severn from Gloucester southwards- an excellent presentation
13 February
Steve Mould: Gloucester Air Ambulance
A detailed insight into the role of the air ambulance service
27 February
David Thorpe: Coolies on the Western Front
Interesting history of Chinese coolies & their role in WW1