The Gloucester Glevum Probus  Social Club is a  non-political organisation,
 meeting twice a month to promote friendship, via talks and other activities.
The Club is open to ALL retired and semi-retired men who will receive a warm welcome.
Ladies Days are held on a quarterly basis- when partners and friends are invited to attend.

....but see Virtual Probus Club meetings below
Where?: St Lawrence Parish Centre, Church Lane, Barnwood GL4 3JB c.10.00: Meet for  tea/coffee/biscuits  & a chat with other members
When?:   The Second and Fourth Wednesday of each Month  10.30: A few minutes of club business- no formal minutes-
                (except December - AGM only)             followed by a talk generally lasting up to an hour.
Costs?:    The first three meetings are FREE.             The talks-on a wide range of subjects- are given by club members
               Annual subscription £40             or external speakers: details below of next meetings.
              (The most cost effective Probus Club in Gloucester ! )
 Interested?:   please feel free to contact Terry Cruttenden on 01452  612432  or    
Virtual Probus Club Meetings
This Club is open to all from Male/Female/Mixed Probus Clubs
More information from Mike:
13 May
A brief History of Limericks- Mike Aggleton (Glevum Probus)
Well illustrated with Limericks
20 May
Little known Gloucestershire's famous sons- Syd Matthews  (Cirencester Probus)
Talk well received by Syd's own club
27 May
Cesar Manrique- Jim Cooper
Those who have holidayed on Lanzarote will have seen Cesar's architecture
3 June
 Joint meeting with Lechlade Probus
Radio & TV Hoaxes -Mike Aggleton (Glevum Probus)
This talk would have been given under normal circumstances to Lechlade
10 June
My Dad's military Service and time as a POW -Ray Stockall (Christian Malford Probus)
HIghly recommended by Cirencester Probus
17 June
The Life of David Hughes- Malcolm Lewis (Cirencester Probus)
One of Malcolm's musical talks
24 June
"Debt in the time of Coronavirus-are we all doomed?"- Mike Warburton (Newent Probus)
Mike is a retired accountant who knows his stuff!
1 July
Bees and things- Dr Brian Bertram
His  talk about "The  Ostrich and Evolution" was excellent
8  July

LT Gen John CH Lee-US Army: his part in our lives -Richard Trelfa (Upton Twyver Probus)

Supply Army that came to Gloucester in WW2

15 July
Serving Queen & Country in Zimbabwe-Brian Hinton  (Christian Malford Probus)
22 July
Denmark- my home country- Tom Kolb (Cirencester Probus)
29 July
Information Technology-the revolution that is changing our world- David Lees (Chipping Campden & District Probus)
5 August
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People- John Palmer (Charlton Kings Probus)
12 August
Drawing with Light- Tony Pritchard (Gloucester Vale Probus)
History of Photography
19 August
John Cyril Porte-Fraser Gunn (Newent Probus)
Aviation Seaplane Pioneer 
26 August
Moscow to St Petersburg by river & canal-Richard Trelfa (Upton Twyver Probus)
2 September
Confessions of a River Pollution Inspector- David Osborn (Barrs Court Probus Bristol)
Highlights include chemical spills at Avonmouth
9 September
 Ostriches and Evolution- Brian Bertram
Back by popular demand!
16 September
In Praise of Apples-Charlotte Fyfe
History,Social history,Varities, growing trees & cooking with apples
23 September
Dionysius Lardner- Barry Dent (Athelstan Probus)
" a Rogue for all Seasons!"
30 September
Lawrence of Arabia-Ron Jeffrey (Cirencester Probus)
(This should be interesting as Ron will be giving this talk from Spain)
7 October
From Typewriter to Technology- Alison Parkinson (Editor of Probus Magazine)
14 October
Solent Ferries- Ken Guest (Glevum Probus)
21 October
Do as I say, not as I do- Mike Warburton (Newent Probus)
More political skullduggery
28 October
Tax,Care and the New Guy-John Ambrose
(Commercial Talk)
4 November
A decade in Gascogne- John Clark (Purton Probus)
11  November
A Brief History of Popular Music: 1900-1960- Nigel Thompson (Longdon Probus)
18  November
The Last Great Air Race- Ken Pinfield (Pershore Probus)
25  November
A last farewell in Archangel- Peter Seymour (Cirencester Probus) (provisional)
2  December
 My Hobby and the BBC-Tony Pritchard (Gloucester Vale Probus)
9  December
History of the Air Sea Rescue Service- Fraser Gunn (Newent Probus)
16  December
Comic Verse: Epigrams & Clerihews- Mike Aggleton (Glevum Probus)
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